What is gift chicago?

Gift Chicago is a collaborative promotional event during the weekend of December 3-4, 2016 for locally owned shops in Chicago that offer gift-able items and support local artists and manufacturing. Through pooled resources, we hope to do more than any one shop could do alone to promote shopping local, to cross-promote among the like-minded shops and to extend the idea of shopping local for the holidays beyond Small Business Saturday. Gift Chicago is being organized by the shop owners of Neighborly, Sacred Art and Mint Home, and a public relations firm will be hired to assist with messaging for promotional materials and to pursue coverage of the event in local media. 

Through the PR campaign, local residents will be encouraged to shop for holiday gifts during the weekend of Dec 3-4 at shops that specifically also support local artists, crafters, and manufacturers... thereby they will be "gifting Chicago". Their incentive to shop during that particular weekend will be the special coupons they receive (more info below). It is encouraged that shops offer additional discounts, giveaways, refreshments, etc as a thank you to customers for supporting the event, but it is optional.

An early draft of the website for Gift Chicago can be seen at www.giftchicago.com. Each shop will have a photo and their name listed on the homepage, as well as their location listed and marked on the Map page. We must have a minimum of 20 shops participate. If either the minimum number of shops or the minimum optional contributions for keeping the website live are not reached, we will refund payments in full.

To qualify to participate in Gift Chicago, a retail shop:
- must be located within the city limits of Chicago
- must be locally owned and operated (Chicago and suburbs)
- must carry products from at least five vendors that manufacture in Chicago or suburbs, make or sell your own products that are made in Chicago or suburbs, or in the case of apparel shops, carry at least five designers that are based in Chicago.
- offer types of merchandise that are commonly purchased for gifts.

What will be required of you?
- $100 participation fee
- $15 optional contribution to keep the giftchicago.com website live for 1 year (will be refunded if not enough shops contribute)
- at least one shop photo for your listing on the website emailed to jenny@neighborlyshop.com
- one or two short paragraphs about your shop for your listing
- any special promotions, giveaways, visiting artists, refreshments, etc that you will offer during the weekend
- hand out 100 of the Gift Chicago coupons to customers during the weekend of Dec 3-4 and honor the 100 coupons to your shop to be handed out at other participating shops. More info below.

Gift Chicago standard coupon:
To encourage customers to visit multiple shops during this special weekend event, to cross promote the participating shops, and to encourage customers to return to participating shops after the Gift Chicago weekend, we have developed a standard incentive for customers. Each shop will distribute coupons for 15% off applied to up to $200 of a purchase. They will be valid for a future date, 01/01/17 - 10/31/17, one per customer, and will be valid at a different participating shop, not your own. Discounts to your own shop will be distributed among the other participating shops.  Each shop will hand out 100 coupons total, 50 on Saturday and 50 on Sunday. It's at each shop's discretion whether to hand them out to the first 50 visitors, first 50 customers to make a purchase, or at random throughout the day.  The physical coupons will be branded with a Gift Chicago logo, will list the aforementioned details, and will be mailed to you along with promotional posters and postcards to use in your shop.

The sooner we can move forward with the campaign the better, therefore we will list participating shops on the Gift Chicago website in the order the sign ups are received to encourage swift response. The deadline to sign up is Oct 15th.

Please submit additional entries for additional locations.

Sign Up

Once you've finished signing up, please remember to email 1-5 shop photos for your public profile that are roughly 900px in width (any height) to jenny@neighborlyshop.com.

Questions? Contact Kate at Sacred Art